dental bridges

If you have missing teeth, it’s important to get the gaps filled before drifting can alter your bite. At Palm Harbor Premier Dental in Palm Harbor, FL, we can fit patients with dental bridges. These restorative appliances can fill the gaps made by one or several missing teeth. If you’re in need of a bridge, our dentist will:

  • Extract any teeth that are in the way
  • Create a mouth impression
  • Have a laboratory make the artificial teeth

Bridges are flanked on both sides by dental crowns. To place these over your adjacent natural teeth, we’ll need to grind down some enamel. The restoration is meant to be permanent, and it can be cemented further by titanium posts called implants.

You could also consider dentures for the most comprehensive restoration possible. Our dentist will make sure that the dental bridges both look and feel natural, and we’ll advise you thoroughly on how to care for them moving forward. Give us a call at Palm Harbor Premier Dental to learn more. We serve Palm Harbor and the surrounding regions.