A dental practice should exude excellence & compassion. The doctor standing behind it is the source of its philosophy and direction.

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Her greatest passion is being able to help people. She believes in providing the best experience and quality of care as possible.

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After graduation, he moved to Wichita, KS where he practiced the highest degree of cosmetic and family dentistry to serve his community.

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Production Manager

She was born and raised in Poland and her journey through dentistry started as a Dental Assistant. After assisting in dentistry for 20 years, she was offered a different position as an Office Manager at a dental office.

Dental Hygienist

She is from Cincinnati, Ohio and has been interested in dentistry from a very young age.

When she was little she had various dental work done and that inspired her to help people through dentistry.

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Our Receptionist, Lisbeth, was born in Cuba and is fluent in both Spanish and English! She is an amazing addition to the Palm Harbor Premier Dental team and is even getting trained in helping patients finance their dental work so they can have the best dental health possible!


Office Manager

She is originally from Trinidad & Tabago and loves talking to patients and helping them move forward with their dental treatment. Her favorite thing about her job is seeing patients taking the treatment and bettering their oral health.


Dental Assistant

He is from Cuba and moved to Tampa, Florida when he was 12!

He got introduced to dentistry through his friends that were in dental school. They needed to practice performing dental cleanings and so he offered to help be their patient.


Dental Assistant

Aryana is from St. Petersburg, Florida.

She began her dental journey when she started assisting with oral surgeries. Ever since then, she has had an interest in caring for her patients and making them feel better about their smile 😄.