What Are All-On-Four Implants?

All-on-four dental implants is a dental term that is used when four implants are used to rehabilitate a fully dentureless patient. This applies to someone who has no teeth, or someone who has only a few teeth left in the arch. An arch refers to the upper or lower segment of the mouth. This method is also used for patients who have some teeth that are broken down or decayed, or if their mouth is fully compromised with bad teeth and teeth moving because of gum disease.

How Long Does It Take To Heal After An All-On-Four Implant Surgery?

The actual surgery may vary between two to four hours depending on how complex the patient's mouth was to begin with. You should also keep in mind the experience of the dental surgeon. Healing time varies on a number of factors. Let's go over them:

  1. How much time did it take to do the surgery? More time during the surgery means more time needed for healing.
  2. Use of platelet rich growth factors. Platelet rich growth factors help significantly reduce the healing time. Not all dentists and surgeons have the necessary equipment, but this definitely heals the mouth faster. So find out if your surgeon is using any of that equipment in their office.
  3. Following post-op instructions given by the doctor and his team is super important. If you didn't get any from them, please ask for it. This will reduce any possible complications that may arise and also help you heal much faster. Antibiotics, pain meds, and ice packs for the first few hours after surgery. Soft liquid diet for the first week. Following this with only a soft food diet for the next three months will significantly minimize complications and promote healing faster.