Vitamin D and Your Oral Health

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Most of us are aware of the importance of calcium for strong bones and teeth. But many people remain unaware that calcium and vitamin D go hand-in-hand. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium in your body. Your body will naturally absorb calcium as it is, but with vitamin D, it will exhaust the resource and help your body in the absorption process. Calcium and vitamin D contribute to less bone loss, which also means lower rates of tooth loss.

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?

The American Dietetic Associations’ recommended daily value is 2,500 mg/day of calcium and 1,000 units/day of vitamin D. Many of us struggle to meet these minimum requirements. There are many sources to increase your intake of vitamin D including:

  • Dairy Products
  • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Almond
  • Salmon (Fatty Fish)
  • Soy & Rice Drinks

Who Is Deficient?

Seniors, that may have a problem absorbing the nutrients in their food, are more likely to become vitamin D deficient. Also, there are certain medical conditions that keep younger people from absorbing nutrients. Your doctor can test you for vitamin deficiency and determine how you should be treated. Dr. Khalil can identify oral problems and help to determine whether a vitamin deficiency is the cause.

We, at Palm Harbor Premier Dental, encourage our patients to make sure you are getting the recommended daily values to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Be sure to stay on top of your professional cleanings and regular checkups. For your next dental appointment, call us at (727) 349-3615.