A Valentine’s Day Message From Your Palm Harbor Dentist

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Valentine’s Day is the special day for everyone can spend time with our special someone or express love and appreciation to our loved ones and dearest friends. It is a time to enjoy a night at the movie, dinner at your favorite restaurant, or simply sharing a big box of chocolates. Many people like to show affection by gifting sugary treats to their loved ones. The Palm Harbor Premier Dental staff would like to spread awareness that everyone can celebrate the holiday in a healthier way by making dark chocolate your confection of choice.

Choosing Your Chocolate

Chocolate candy can be enjoyed in moderation without damaging the health of your teeth. Choosing dark chocolate is a great way to treat your self this Valentine’s Day without any feeling of guilt. Dark chocolate has some surprising health benefits. The antioxidants in dark chocolate are believed to be good for your heart and even lower blood pressure. It is also better for your teeth than some other sticky candies such as taffy or caramel. These types of candies are more likely to get stuck in between the teeth and put you at risk of developing cavities. When you choose your chocolate, try opting for the plain varieties. They do not contain the sticky ingredients that could get lodged in the crevices and remain on the teeth for a much longer period of time.

Enjoy in moderation

Most of us have the mindset of “save some for later” and continue nibbling on our chocolatey treats for several days. So instead of enjoying the candy for a brief time and brushing right away, we repeatedly expose our teeth to sugar. It is this constant exposure of sugar that damages the teeth rather than the amount. It is easy to make health conscious decisions for your sweetheart, friends, and loved ones. Offer them sweet indulgences that have hidden health benefits and less damaging to their oral health.

We encourage everyone to enjoy the sweeter things in life while maintaining long-lasting dental health. Keep your smiles in top health with regular dental visits along with your at-home routine. Call us today at (727) 349-3615 to schedule your next dental exam, cleaning and x-rays.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Palm Harbor Premier Dental!