Senior Citizens Dental Health Concerns

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Today we celebrate National Senior Citizens Day. Whether you are a young adult, middle aged or approaching your senior years, this is a day to honor those that have lead us and continue to inspire us along the way. Our senior citizens can lead a fruitful and active lifestyle into their golden years. This will involve taking extra care and focusing on overall health and paying close attention to dental health as well.

Lets take a look at some of the common senior citizens dental health concerns.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common dental issue with seniors. Furthermore, the most common cause for new cavities in seniors is dry mouth. Prescription medications are commonly the cause for dry mouth. There is less saliva to break down food and naturally cleanse your teeth. This causes plaque to stick to the teeth longer, which increases the risk for developing cavities. 

Gum Disease

Approximately 70 percent of all seniors over 60 have gum diseases. This is because the symptoms may not be noticeable until the disease has advanced. It can become very painful and destroy the gums and tooth-supporting bones, which can lead to tooth loss. Regular dental checkups is crucial to keeping gum disease at bay.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is not as common as gum disease and decay in seniors, but risks become greater as you age. With the average age of oral cancer diagnosis being 62 and an estimated 35,000 new cases per year, it’s important to have regular checkups to screen for early signs. Most oral cancers are treatable if caught early.

Preventative maintenance and repairs will help keep any developing dental issues from becoming more severe with aging adults. Palm Harbor Premier Dental encourages everyone to stay on top of your dental checkups and cleanings throughout your life so that you can approach your golden years with a head start on a healthy smile. Give us a call to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at (727) 349-3615. We look forward to being your family dentist for years to come.

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