Palm Harbor Dentist Braces You for that Perfect Smile

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At the beginning of every New Year, millions of people make resolutions to change things about themselves or improve the person that they were the year before. It can range from giving up cigarettes, to losing weight, or to saying you’ll try sky diving before the next year rolls around. At the center of all this, is the desire to feel better about yourself in some way. Being a dentist in south Palm Harbor, we can’t really help you quit a habit, put down that extra donut, or provide you a perfectly good plane to jump out of, but we can make you feel better about yourself!

Think about it: what’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new? You smile at them! It’s a good way to make a good first impression. If you don’t feel totally confident in your smile, it can really take its toll on your self-confidence. Lucky for you, there are a ton of options to help improve an imperfect smile. In this blog we’ll discuss a few different options you have at you disposal.

Six Month Braces | 6 Month Smiles | Six Month Orthodontics:

The above-mentioned 6 month braces procedures represent the same thing. The benefit of choosing this type over traditional, clunky braces is the fact that you can be showing off that perfect smile in as little as six months. This is compared to the 2+ years that other methods make you wait. Our highly experienced south Palm Harbor cosmetic dentist and resident Smile Expert, Dr. Khalil can work with you to achieve your dream smile in virtually no time.

This short turnaround time is attributed to the fact that Six Month Smiles focuses on straightening the teeth that show when you’re actually smiling. This is achieved by a combination of time-tested orthodontic techniques that includes the use of clear brackets and wires that are white-colored, which make them virtually undetectable – unlike the large, clunky metal braces of the past. These specific teeth are gently moved to their desired positions over time by the light force provided by the bracket and wires.

Smart Moves (Simple Tooth Movement):

Sometimes someone’s smile can be just about perfect except for one pesky tooth. Many of our cosmetic dentistry patients aren’t looking for complete orthodontic care, but instead are looking to simply move one tooth into the right position. This can be achieved through a procedure called Simple Tooth Movement. It can be likened to Invisalign, but a lower cost.

It uses a series of invisible retainers to straighten teeth without the need for those ugly metal brackets that can be used for run of the mill, unsightly braces. These retainers are developed in a special lab, which allows Palm Harbor Premier Dental to provide this procedure at a much better price point than Invisalign. Achieving your ideal smile could be done in a few short months and in the least invasive way possible.

If you’re interested in achieving the perfect look, you’ll definitely want to call (727) 349-3615 to get in touch with our veteran Palm Harbor dental staff. We provide a friendly atmosphere and unmatchable service with great pricing, making us the Best Palm Harbor Dentist according to The Palm Harbor News Reader poll. You can also read our reviews on our Google page. Don’t delay; get your dream smile today!