How Tea Benefits Your Teeth and Gums

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January is National Tea Month! Can’t you just smell the aroma? We would like to shed a little light on the many ways tea benefits your teeth and gums. Tea often gets a bad wrap when it comes to teeth due to the staining factor, but tea can actually strengthen your teeth and gums and improve your overall health.

The beverages you choose to drink have a significant impact on oral health. Although water is essential and should be a main source of hydration throughout the day, we all have cravings for something with a little flavor to quench our thirst. Brewed tea is one of the best options available when it comes to flavored beverages and oral health. Tea has anti-bacterial properties that may help protect against cavities and gum disease.

There have been many studies about the benefits of tea on oral health. Research has shown that tea has almost no erosive effect on tooth enamel. There have also been studies showing that black tea may be linked to the reduction in likelihood of developing cavities. If you are a fan of green tea, you can benefit from the antioxidant compounds in it. Antioxidants are effective in fighting and preventing gum disease and overall inflammation in your body.

Go ahead and treat yourself to that cup of tea, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you do:

    • Avoid Adding Sugar
    • Avoid Prepackaged Tea
    • Brush After Consumption
    • Follow with Water (If You Can’t Brush)

Along with your daily home care routine and regular dental checkups, your smile benefits from your healthy choices. Palm Harbor Premier Dental encourages healthy eating and drinking habits to all of our patients. Give us a call at (727) 349-3615. to schedule your next visit with us.

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