How Exercise Affects Your Oral Health

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Getting healthy and in-shape is a popular New Years resolution for many people. This time of year, we put on our sneakers and flock to the gym or a head outdoors for a run with the goal of becoming fit and healthy. We all know it has many benefits to your mental and physical health, but keep in mind that exercise affects your oral health as well.

Decreases Stress

Stress can have significant negative effects on your oral health as well as your overall general health. Some common dental problems brought on by stress include: TMJ, canker sores, dry mouth, and periodontal disease. Exercise can help ward off some of these potentially dangerous conditions by reducing stress and improving mental wellness. Read more about the negative effects of stress on your overall oral health in the article: Do you ever wonder what stress can do to your oral health?

Lowers Inflammation

Regular physical activity reduces inflammation within the body. Any form of physical activity will improve circulation and get the lymphatic system pumping. The lymphatic system flushes the body of wastes and acts as the body’s natural filtering system. When the lymphatic system isn’t working efficiently, inflammation can occur in various parts of the body causing major health conditions. Inflammation of the gums, Gingivitis, can lead to Periodontal Disease. This can lead to other systemic diseases and have a great impact on your overall health.

Improves Self Confidence

The feeling of achievement when you set out to do physical activity, along with improvements in physical health, gives your sense of pride a huge boost. The idea of being in control and setting goals is powerful in changing your mindset to be more positive and productive. There’s a healthier, happier you that shines through in your smile.

At Palm Harbor Premier Dental, we encourage and promote overall health and wellness along with oral health care. As part of your “New Year, New You” resolution, don’t forget to incorporate your dental checkup and cleaning. It plays an important role in your overall health. Contact us today for your next visit at 17275133998.