Extracting Certain Teeth Can Boost Orthodontic Effectiveness

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Malocclusion is a misalignment of the teeth that can lead to serious oral health complications. Most malocclusions are treated with braces or clear aligners. Some malocclusions may require extra procedures to achieve successful results. Incoming teeth may crowd the other teeth and cause them to erupt abnormally. The space needed to move the misaligned teeth into their correct position may be reduced by the crowding. In these instances removing certain teeth prior to orthodontic treatment can boost orthodontic effectiveness.

The Process

The teeth to be removed are those whose absence will have minimal effect on both appearance and dental function. Those teeth are commonly the bicuspids, located between the cuspid (eye) teeth and the back molars. Following the extraction, braces can be put on almost immediately and the remaining teeth will move into the opened space. This is a lengthy process and can take months or even years to close the gaps. Once the teeth are moved in the perfect alignment, the patient will not even notice they are missing.

This process takes time and commitment to complete from beginning to end. Going through the extraction process for most people is one of the biggest hurdles. Having teeth missing for a period of time during treatment is another factor. You must be fully informed of this type of dental treatment and prepared to put in the extra dental visits. The end result can be well worth the time and effort. The patient has better function and a beautiful, new smile!

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